Titanium Legal Services offers one of the fastest service times in the industry!

For over a decade, Titanium Legal Services has been the preeminent server of legal documents in the Northwest.  For Process Service, Courier Services and Eviction Services you can depend on TITANIUM.

Find out what makes us different.



The Titanium Difference



Titanium Legal Services was founded over 20 years ago and is the preeminent server of legal documents in the Northwest.

We offer a range of legal services, including: Process Service, Private Investigation Services, Forclosure sales, Courier Services, Landlord Evictions Services and Document Retrieval Services.

Compared to its competitors, Titanium Legal Services has one of the highest and fastest service times in the industry.

With offices conveniently located throughout Oregon and Washington, Titanium Legal Services can ensure that your express, same-day needs are met within the adequate time-frame you require. 

Bonded, insured and licensed, Titanium Legal Services complies with all applicable rules and laws, and sets the standard for customer satisfaction, reliability and dependability.


Titanium Legal Services adheres to the strictest standards of professionalism. In fact, the Better Business Bureau rates Titanium Legal Services with an A+, the highest rating.

Additionally, Titanium Legal Services employs one of the most highly qualified, dedicated teams in the industry. From administrative to upper management, all employees must pass a rigorous background check before being hired.

Titanium's Legal Services dedicated team keeps you totally informed throughout the process and is always available to quickly resolve any issues or address any of your questions. 


There is no client too small or business too large for Titanium Legal Services to handle. Our clients include: the State of Oregon Department of Justice, private and corporate law firms, property management companies, collection agencies, and affiliate agencies. 

Titanium Legal Services serves Oregon and Washington states, and maintains a network of service companies that provide legal services throughout the United States. 

Simply put…

Your papers can be served in any state!


Titanium Legal Services is a long time member of both the National Association of Process Servers, Oregon Association of Process Servers, and Washington State Process Server Association.

Members of these associations are kept informed of the latest, up-to-date essential elements and best methods to advance professionalism in the legal document serving industry and to fulfill their obligations as servers, while at the same time protecting the due process rights of persons affected by our service.


Titanium Legal Services delivers top-notch results by using the best equipment, information and resources to stay ahead of the ever changing environment. 

With a dedicated in-house team of programmers, system technicians and a management staff, you can be confident that the resources we put in place, are the best, and most secure, that the industry has to offer. 

At Titanium Legal Services, our expertise gives you peace of mind. 

Our goal is to provide the most value-added, schedule driven services in our industry. 

We have the knowledge, qualifications and an experienced team of individuals to handle your requests.

The Titanium Difference!