The need for reliable process serving in the Pacific Northwest region was apparent in the early 2000’s. The demand for professionalism brought about the creation of Titanium Legal Services, Inc in 2003.

Titanium Legal Services maintained a slow but steady availability of work over the past 15 years. All that changed in 2018 when the company was taken over by it’s current president.

With a fresh attitude and new look into what process service could be, the president pushed Titanium Legal Services past the minimal standards of process service. Titanium Legal Services won it’s first state contract, it expanded it’s reach past Oregon into Washington and Idaho, and became a staple company in the eyes of debt collections across the Pacific Northwest.

This undeniable surge of success brought upon the idea of changing the process service game. With the help of an innovative marketing department, Titanium Legal Services changed to Titanium, a new take on an existing company. Fresher, bolder, and more innovative, Titanium is breaking through the social stigma surrounding process serving and showing financial sectors and legal corporations we can do the job better, faster, and more professionally than our competitors. We are dedicated to the principal staples of what process serving has been since the formation of the United States Constitution.

President, MBA

Spencer Peck took over Titanium at the beginning of 2018. With a background in business and an M.B.A. from the University of Oregon, his knowledge and expertise of the legal sector in the PNW is invaluable to Titanium clients. Spencer’s background in technology helps drive Titanium’s services in order to be more efficient and quicker than our competitors.

Spencer is a former Marine, having been to 31 countries and deployed twice. He’s traveled to Haiti for humanitarian relief and was deployed to Afghanistan as infantry squad leader in charge of 12 U.S Marines and parts of the Afghani National Army. Spencer led over 200 combat patrols in Afghanistan and had been promoted three times, exiting the Marines as an Non-Commissioned Officer.

He enjoys hiking and family trips to the coast with his wife and three children. They like working on their farm where Spencer teaches his children about the importance of sustainability and respecting the earth. His farm has 6 chickens, 4 goats, and 1 unruly rooster.

Looking Forward

We are very excited to see what this new change brings for Titanium. We are a smaller company though quickly expanding through this re-branding phase. With over 40 clients and multiple servers in every city across the PNW, there’s so much room to grow. If you’re interested in becoming part of our team, let us know! If you’re interested in our services, send us a message to speak to our president today.