A New Take an on Old Process

Titanium is the preferred legal process server in the Pacific Northwest and west coast. Our clients depend on Titanium for quality service, technology efficiency, and fair pricing. Our propriety system, AI technology, and company culture make Titanium the newest take on an old process.


Titanium provides quality service to our clients and our Service Agents. Titanium Service Agent supervisors are in constant communication with our servers and works hard to make sure everyone’s needs are being met. High quality, high-volume Service Agents across every state in the U.S. is our priority.

Our internal business model differs from our competitors. We handle jobs solely through Titanium Service Agents and streamline our process to manage all business from our Oregon office.



The Titanium Difference


Proprietary System

Titanium uses our proprietary software to auto assign, integrate, and share batch files. Use our online portal to get real time updates on the status of your suits. Our app and auto-e-filing system guarantees a job served right.


Dedicated Team

We’re doing things differently at Titanium. Our sales, marketing, admin, and Service Agent departments work together to keep Titanium running smoothly. We maintain a high level of professionalism when serving your documents.


Inclusive Company

We provide full service from start to finish. This includes e-filing, attempts, integration, proofs, and more. Titanium completes all aspects of your needs in an efficient manner from start to finish. Eliminate unnecessary hassle of using multiple companies and rely on Titanium for all your process service needs.