Titanium’s story

Titanium is based in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, with our headquarters being located in the green, scenic Willamette Valley. Our roots here run deep, and we’re quickly growing them across the entire western United States and beyond! We were founded in 2005 as a way to provide necessary support to the booming collections industry- we started as a small process serving company servicing local collections agencies in small volumes- deploying local process servers in the area.

In 2018, our President, Spencer Peck, stepped in with the ambition to rebrand, scale, and expand. He wasn’t happy with the antiquated ways of the Process Serving industry, and constantly seeks to employ other services and methods to make the painstaking court document delivery and filing system fast, simple, and effective. We’ve now grown our Process Server network to the hundreds over 10 different states- and we’re only growing. We have the capacity to take on and automate a large volume collection firm, while having the personability and local mindset to handle one time clients in need of legal assistance- all while offering the best competitive rates in the business.

WHat we do

While Titanium started solely as a process serving company, we’ve grown into so much more. Not only do we offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry when it comes to process serving, we’ve made it so that once your document hits our queue, the rest is taken care of by us. We’re an all inclusive and innovative firm that employs in house methods of pre-filing, post- filing, process service, skip tracing, post filing, and garnishments.


1. Seamless File sharing

We implement SFTP file sharing for all of our clients, allowing you to drag and drop your files into a shared file that we are able to access instantly. No more messy zipped files or painstaking compiling work- our software is equipped for instant, painless transfer of any files you need.

3. Process service

When your documents have undergone the necessary filing and preparation by our team, we then assign your documents out to a Process Server in the designated area of service. At Titanium, we have a large network of service agents in every county in 10 states, who are all trained to the utmost standard of process- including ensuring a first attempt on any document within 72 hours, observation and recording of a multitude of hygiene factors, and full mobile software integration to ensure the fastest, most accurate serves in the industry.

5. Post filing and proofs

Once your document is in the hands of the correct recipient, our administrative specialists make sure the proof of service is generated signed, and filed. We also handle post filing, certified mail, and garnishments- making sure your documents are in the right place at the right time every step of the way, from start to finish. With the help of our proprietary software, Tinite, we utilize AI in addition to our highly trained personnel, to accurately and instantly organize, file, and send your documents to their correct destination.

Your Document’s Journey Through


2. Pre- Filing

Once we receive your files, we pre file them with the correct court to get things started. Our team of in house administrative specialists utilize our proprietary software to seamlessly keep track of all of your pre filing needs and necessary preparation to get your documents ready for delivery.

4. skip tracing

In the field, if our process servers encounter any issues with standard service, they report any issues immediately and we employ our skip tracing protocol- using multiple software platforms and trained professionals in house to resolve issues of bad addresses, aliases, and any other issues that arise during the process of service.