Got a Bad Address?

Resolving a bad address in the process serving industry

As a process server, you run into various obstacles in the field. Document delivery isn’t just handing off papers. Finding the correct person and address occasionally presents a challenge. Each document provides the name and address for a process server to complete that serve, but what happens when the address is wrong? This is called a “bad address.”

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A bad address in the collection and process serving industry is when the last known address of a defendant is incorrect. This can happen when people move without changing their address through the DMV, thus resulting in a bad address in the court’s system. 

If a server drives to the address and talks to residents that are not the recipient, this is a bad address. If a house is condemned, it’s a bad address. Sometimes the address doesn’t even exist. Once a server comes across a bad address, skip tracing begins. 

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Skip tracing is the most common practice for finding a new address. Skiptrace can be done through third party companies or in house through a company’s legal team or process server. Though if you’re dealing with an experienced process server, skiptrace will happen right in the field. 

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Here’s some tips we tell our servers to use in the field: 

  • Talk to the neighbors. Asking around will help gather new information on the defendant so you can get the papers served. 

  • Call the defendant. This may seem a little awkward, but a friendly call to the defendant may go a long way in getting them those documents. These court documents frequently list the defendant’s phone number so it makes the process easy. 

  • Google search. A quick google search of the person’s name and the city they reside in can be very insightful. More often than not, it can lead to revealing information on their new whereabouts.

  • Facebook and social media. You’d be surprised how exposed people are with social media. A simple facebook search could shine some light on a person’s new address. There’s tons of search capabilities to find out their new address, including their city, their career, hangout spots, and more. Getting their documents to them is crucial so don’t be afraid to creep! 

Beginner in-field skip tracing doesn’t always get results. Skip tracing software used by professionals can more easily locate a person using a multitude of legitimate resources. A bad address or a dodgy defendant is no match for an experienced server, and these tips can help tremendously while serving. 

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