Now Offering Skip Tracing

Titanium is proud to introduce to introduce our newest feature: skip tracing.

For those who don’t know what skip tracing entails or who have never worked in the collection industry before, skip tracing is a form of detective work, private investigation to be more exact. 

Sometimes we have to do a little digging in the collection industry to find recipients of legal documents. Skip tracing utilizes different tools and methods to do so. 

Usually third party agencies handle skip tracing in house, which takes away time for more important tasks. Unfortunately smaller process service companies do not have the bandwidth to provide skip tracing to their clients or don’t see the need to do so. Though Titanium is a smaller process service company, we jumped on the idea of bringing on skip tracing internally so our clients can save time and money toward other significant work.  

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Bad addresses are a common issue we face. People move, their homes foreclose, or the address may come back simply misspelled. If we receive a “bad address” document from our client, we immediately use our in-house skip tracing team to find the new address. This way we can continuously deliver fast and accurate service with every serve. Titanium prides itself on being a complete process service company with accessible features depending on our client’s needs. 

When is Skip Tracing used?

Process service companies receive papers needing delivery to defendants, or individuals who have been called to court, which can be for a number of various reasons.

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Part of the process is finding an initial address usually provided by the client (a collection agency) so we can deliver their documents in a timely manner. Skip tracing is finding where the defendant has moved to their new address. Occasionally people avoid accepting legal documents, especially when they know they’re being summoned to court for expansive debt. These instances that keep legal documents from delivery is where skip tracing comes into play, and the search begins.

How does Skip Tracing work?

Similar to private investigation tools, skip tracing uses specific digital resources to gain information. Some resources include:

  • Phone number databases

  • Credit reports

  • Credit card applications

  • Job applications

  • Criminal background checks

  • Loan applications

  • Utility bills

  • Public tax information

  • Public records databases

  • Courthouse records

  • Department store loyalty cards

  • Air travel records

  • Driver’s license/vehicle registration departments

After a new address or place of employment is acquired, we make a new set of attempts in order to deliver the same documents to the new address given. We’re excited to offer skip tracing to our clients and hope to build our team in the upcoming months.

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Alex Sullivan