Process Serving and the Gig Economy

The gig economy is taking over the world- and we’re along for the (Uber) ride.

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Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, Doordash- the name sounds funny, yes, but they are everywhere you look. If you’ve traveled or gotten hungry sometime in the last few years, (and we’re willing to bet you have), chances are you’ve used one of these companies. In fact, a third of all Americans use ride- sharing services like these regularly. Their success has made massive waves on the global economy, with CNBC naming Uber the second most disruptive business in the world in 2018.

Beyond the ever expanding ride sharing concept, however, companies using the “gig” model have popped up all over the place, realizing the potential of this setup for so much more than just on demand taxis.

… ok, I’ve ordered takeout from those guys once or twice. What’s so special about it?

We hear you. Taxis and delivery drivers have been around forever. The difference is the way these businesses are structured. Each employee uses their own car and chooses their own hours, working as much or as little as they want. This type flexible employee sourcing is called The Gig Economy, and it’s uses and desirability are spreading like wildfire. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has had difficulty documenting the booming number of independent contractors in recent years and has estimated that these “gig” workers make up 34% of the workforce currently, and is projected to grow to 43% by 2020.

Not only is this due to the increased demand for the convenient services they provide, but the increased desirability of this unique company culture as well.The McKinsey Global Institute found that “Free agents reported higher levels of satisfaction in multiple dimensions of their work lives than those holding traditional jobs by choice.” It looks like the freedom to choose your own schedule and self accountability is causing a chain reaction of success and satisfaction, who knew?

...where does Titanium fall into all of this?

Titanium acts as a middleman between plaintiffs filing legal complaints and defendants receiving them. Our Service Agents are the dynamic network of people out in the field making sure legal documents are being personally delivered with one of the best turnaround speeds in the industry- all in cars of their own and a schedule structured around their time. We create the jobs and provide the tools, our Service Agents put them to work. We have employed the “gig” method and applied it to serving legal papers instead of food. This way, our Service Agents have the time and freedom to do the things that are important to them; whether it’s another job, family, school, or adventuring around the PNW!

Interested? For a crash course on what exactly these agents do and more info about how to become one, click here!

Alex Sullivan