Process Serving Myths- debunked

Debunking Process Serving Myths

There’s not a ton of hype in the media about process serving. Most people understand the definition of “process serving” through personal accounts or mainstream media (think Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express), someone who dresses in costumes in order to gain access for delivery of court documents. Maybe you’ve even heard of process serving as someone disrespectfully shouting out “You’ve been served!” as the papers are shoved into the recipient’s hands, thrown, or slapped into their palm.

This isn’t the case and we’d like to put a stop to all that right here, right now.

Being a process server means you are upholding our country’s law of Due Process, an idea that dates all the way back to the middle ages with something called the Magna Carta.

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We won’t give you the full history lesson, but it basically laid the foundation for a fair justice system which later lead to the 5th amendment in the US constitution that gave citizens the right to be officially notified of any legal action being filed against them.

Making sure the defendant is aware of the legal action being taken against them is what process serving is, which leads us to present day Service Agents (what we at Titanium refer to as process servers).

Quality of service in the process service industry is on the decline. That’s why Titanium keeps things professional, ALWAYS. Process serving has gotten such a bad wrap, Lawgical tells us that some companies still resort to wearing costumes for delivery.  “Disguises seem unprofessional and we are, after all, representing attorneys or courts so being unprofessional is not an option.”

Is it Dangerous?

Now that the costume issue has been settled, another stereotype we run into is the misconception that process serving is dangerous. You’re serving papers to a strangers house that will most likely be unpleasant once they understand what you’re all about.  

Let’s get this cleared up. Process servers do not equal bounty hunters, and you do not have to serve any jobs you don’t feel comfortable doing.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics  quickly shot down that stereotype and simply said, “If you’re respectful, people take the papers. People have the idea that we’re like bounty hunters, going after people with guns, It just isn’t the case.”

When you strip away the stereotypes, being a process server has some really awesome perks! You can be professional and dip your feet in the legal industry, while staying on your own schedule; whether that’s serving full time or as a side hustle.

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Titanium gives our Service Agents freedom to choose as many or as little jobs as they would like, as well as strict guidelines and access to an all inclusive and streamlined app that helps keep the Service Agents connected and serves done right, professionally, and safely.

Become a Service Agent and have the freedom to live and work on your time.

Looking to step into our world? Check out some more information about our Service Agent opportunities.

Alex Sullivan