Providing Veteran Opportunities on the Homefront

By Veterans, for Veterans

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The men and women that serve our country are some of the most intelligent, strong, and hardworking individuals the world has to offer and are trained as such, yet this demographic continues to struggle the most on paper, and in practice, at being included and accounted for in today’s occupational economy. Network support for veterans assimilating into the civilian workforce are limited once they are hired; often times solutions of employment are offered with no follow through after the fact. With a dynamic business model allowing for remote, flexible work as a service agent, Titanium is aspiring to make our workplace inclusive and supportive on all fronts.

To understand the issue, it is necessary to look beyond the veteran to the employers tasked with recruitment. A 2018 survey of veteran wellness found that “More than half of veterans struggle to find work in their desired fields after leaving the military because civilian employers want experienced and educated candidates ― and often don’t realize veterans qualify.” Mentoring and understanding veterans’ skills learned in service and required in the office is a critical step in work force placement, one that is apparently not being met.

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There are other areas that call for drastic improvement.  In another survey, of 1,022 veterans working full-time in white-collar professions only 2% said they have an executive who really champions and advocates on their behalf. Veteran employment is not just an issue of filling empty positions, it’s a multi-faceted problem that requires comprehensive understanding on the part of the employer.

At our core, Titanium knows too well the complex problems needed in terms of veteran employment. Spencer Peck, President of Titanium, and Kyle Robison, Director of Operations, are both former Marines with firsthand knowledge of the lack of support discharged veterans receive. Titanium models Service Agents to fit each individual’s needs, whether it is a few shifts to help supplement an individual’s schedule or full-time employment to garner professional experience and stability.

Service Agents enjoy the freedom to choose their own schedule, an aspect that is important for many individuals who often balance other factors involved with returning to civilian life. Surprisingly, 68% of employers who regularly hire veterans don’t offer flexible or remote options for employment, making Service Agent positions highly feasible for populations like veterans.

The professionalism and self accountability required for this job also fall in line with skills that are strengthened in the military. This includes executives who are fully capable and deeply experienced with what it takes to transfer military skills from the field to the office, and the support necessary to hire and support employees from all walks of life and schedule requirements. Here at Titanium, our space is welcome to all veterans and non-veterans alike as we understand the struggle some veterans feel with finding employment.

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Alex Sullivan