The Future is Now: AI in the Workplace

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When you think of the term A.I., it’s hard not to picture the humanoid fantasies (and the nightmares that come with them) of cult classic movies like I, Robot and Terminator. As of now, A.I. does exist- but Skynet isn’t on it’s way to enslave the human race any time soon. We hope, at least.

A.I.’s reach is a far one already, with predictive and self learning capabilities beginning to affect the way we live and how we work, just for starters. Self learning A.I. is breaching the boundaries of modern technology on its own; we’re talking “neural networks”  like Google's DeepMind, which has the capacity to make connections, solutions and definitions without relying on pre-defined behavioral algorithms. On the other hand, static A.I. performs tasks that humans normally would- without the laborious hours it would take for humans to actually do them.

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You can now teach your computers to complete menial tasks at a level of efficiency that puts humans to shame. Don’t start filing for unemployment yet; they aren’t here to take our jobs, just to make them easier.

Another misconception with A.I. algorithms is the lack of productivity. Wouldn’t employees get lazy or unproductive if there was a computer taking away the tasks that take up most of their time? Consequently, when simple administrative tasks are manned by A.I. algorithms, business and productivity booms. Information is fed back into the company faster, increasing task turnaround. This then frees up time for employees to focus on tasks that evoke complex problem solving, creativity, and overall engagement that use their skills instead of drowning them in paperwork, so much so, that a Gartner report mentions that the augmentation of A.I. technology will generate $2.9 trillion in business value and recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity in 2021.

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Tinite, Titanium’s proprietary software, makes that productivity happen. We have streamlined the tasks that make our company work effortlessly and make us the fastest and most efficient process serving company in the industry. Tinite e-files all of our suits and proofs to the courts, auto assigns jobs to our Service Agents, and auto completes our payroll, streamlining the work we do from start to finish. We are modernizing the way we work to maximize our efficiency and keep ourselves the best in the business, putting a new spin on an old practice. Interested? Contact us today!

Alex Sullivan