The Titanium Story

Titanium at the Beginning

The need for reliable process serving in the Pacific Northwest region was apparent in the early 2000’s. The demand for professionalism brought about the creation of Titanium Legal Services, Inc in 2003 which maintained a slow but steady availability of work over the past 15 years. All that changed in 2018 when the company was taken over by its current president.

With a fresh attitude and new look into what process service could be, the president pushed Titanium Legal past the minimal standards of process service. We won our first state contract, expanded our reach past Oregon into Washington and Idaho, and became a staple company in the eyes of agencies and attorneys across the Pacific Northwest.

This undeniable surge of success brought upon the idea of changing the process service game. With the help of an innovative marketing department, Titanium Legal changed to Titanium, a new take on an existing company. Fresher, bolder, and more innovative, Titanium is breaking through the social stigma surrounding process serving and showing financial sectors and legal corporations we can do the job better, faster, and more professionally than our competitors. We are dedicated to the principal staples of what process serving has been since the formation of the United States Constitution.

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As a young business, we see and experience a negative stigma surrounding the process serving industry. Litigation within agencies have seen the worst of this micro industry and experienced monetary setbacks working with unreliable process servers. This micro industry is a necessary way for agencies to keep inline with the U.S. constitution of due process and shouldn’t get a bad rap for helping agencies and attorneys do their job.

Titanium is changing the way process service is viewed through our dedication to quality service, integrity, and fair pricing. We stay up to date on regulations in each state so our clients don’t feel the heat from their judicial system.

Process service is moving past simply being a delivery service. Integrations are being made, technology is advancing and the need for more coverage and high quality serves is now standard. Titanium understands the need for automation and we are raising the bar by using A.I. software, service agent supervisors, and our evolving business model.

We use technology to e-file suits and proofs, receive batch files in perfect compatibility, auto-assign jobs to service agents, and maintain a client portal to track your suit status. We employ service agent supervisors to guarantee legal documents are served with quality. We differ from our competitors in the fact that we don’t use other process servers to deliver our documents, making our business model more efficient by cutting out the middlemen.

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Titanium also looks to the gig economy for further innovation into how we can better our company. Businesses like Uber, Lyft, and GrubHub are opening up new ways of doing business and providing individuals opportunities to seek out new ways of making money. We are taking this into account when hiring service agents, which allows us the unparalleled coverage across the Pacific Northwest and west coast.

The answer lies in our goals and ambitions here at Titanium: to take a centuries old business (due process) and have the courage to modernize it, polishing it into a gleaming example of streamlined efficiency from start to finish, strong and impenetrable.

The reaching branches of our aspirations came from humble roots, ones centered in the Pacific Northwest. We wanted to make sure our logo reflected that which includes the deep blue of the open skies and endless pacific ocean. That’s a lot of information packed into one logo. Titanium encompasses what we stand for, where we’ve been, and where we’re going all in one sophisticated package.

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Want to learn more about what we’re doing at Titanium? Give us a shout. We love conversation.

Alex Sullivan