What are "attempts?"

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What are Attempts?

Some serves end up like an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that keeps coming back. Causes for this could be a bad address, absence of person inside home, or other various reasons. Service agents must perform “attempts” to make an individual aware that they have been summoned to appear in court, thus making an attempt to reach out to the individual.

Due to lack of regulation and the small size of our industry, number of attempts are not legally defined, though clients prefer at least three attempts. At Titanium, we make four attempts before the serve is officially “closed.”

Attempts are made by service agents at different times of the day to ensure we have tried everything to let this individual know they have been summoned to appear in court.

We’ve broken it down by each attempt to help you understand attempts and what they mean.

First Attempt

The first attempt to serve the defendant has to be made within 72 hours. Our service agent receives the job through our Titanium App, sees it’s a new job, and makes sure to complete first attempt within 72 hours.

A service agent can choose to make their first attempt at serving these documents either in the morning, afternoon, evening, or during a weekend.

Second Attempt

The second attempt does not have a time constraint, but must be made before the 21 days are up.

A service agent can choose to make their second attempt in the morning, afternoon, evening, or during a weekend only if they have not already attempted a serve during the same time of day.

For example: If Jane attempted a serve in the morning, her second serve must be in the afternoon, evening, or weekend.

Third Attempt

The third attempt must also be made within the 21 days. Just like the second attempt, the third attempt must be made on a separate time of day.

Fourth Attempt

The fourth attempt is the final attempt to serve this individual their documents. The fourth must be made within the 21 days from receiving the job and cannot be made at the same time of day from the previous three attempts.

Takeaway: individuals MUST be made aware they are being summoned to court and our clients depend on our services to make sure the job gets done!

Alex Sullivan