Freedom. flexibility. skill diversity. great money.

Why process serving?

Are you located in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, or California? We’re want you! For every court case filed- subpoenas, collections, legal notices- the defendant must be notified with the correct documents, hand delivered to their door. That’s where you come in- Process Servers are the professionals in charge of delivering these documents. The cool part? You get paid a flat rate, per job served- and you make your own schedule. Serve when you want, where you want. Freedom has never been easier.


Working for Titanium, you have the freedom to work using only your car, your phone, and a printer. This position isn’t your typical 8-5; you work how you want, when you want, and how much you want. This position is perfect for candidates who are looking for a side hustle alongside busy work, school, or home schedules- or if you are just looking to make some extra cash outside of an office!


Each job requires 4 attempts; a morning, afternoon, weekend, and evening. You have 72 hours to make the first attempt on a job- besides that, you choose when you have time to attempt service alongside your daily schedule. Whether it’s spending a whole day knocking out your work load or taking a break from your day to attempt when you find time, this job gives you the flexibility to choose how you work. Work/Life balance made easy.

skill diversity

Your day is never the same as a process server with Titanium. You are interacting with a variety of different people in different places, all while handling sensitive legal documents. The training and experience you receive for this role are excellent career builders, ranging from introductory knowledge of the legal industry to comprehensive problem solving skills that help supplement any career at any age.

competitive compensation

Not only do you get the perks of working your own hours on your own time, we offer competitive compensation- we pay flat fees for every job you close out, depending on distance from your home. Process servers are paid weekly for the jobs they close out that week; fast pay for a job well done.